A non-profit organization promoting the understanding, protection, restoration and
comprehensive management of lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, and their watersheds.

Formerly the "Georgia Lake Management Society"
News and events:

  • GLS has now formed a strategic alliance with the Lake Homeowners Alliance (LHA), newly established non-profit organization formed to unite Georgia's lake community associations. Check out the Lake Homeowners Alliance website!
  • The date and location of this year's GLS annual conference will be announced in the near future.
  • Recent news on water and other environmental isssues in Georgia

About the Georgia Lakes Society:
Georgia lakes, ponds, and wetlands are in trouble. Many of these lakes and ponds have problems with excessive weed and algae growth, turbid water, or heavy sedimentation. Some have problems with bacterial or toxic contamination. Wetlands that protect lakes are being destroyed. Solutions for these problems are not readily available. Lake management efforts by lake associations, homeowners, and concerned citizens have been hampered by lack of hands-on experience. In the past, there has been no statewide forum for the exchange of information on lake management strategies. To address these needs, representatives of lake associations, state and local governments, professionals, academics, conservation agencies, and interested citizens have banded together to form the Georgia Lakes Society (GLS).

GLS is a chapter of 
theNorth American Lake Management Society

Special Topics:

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