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  Reference Chemical Properties Spectroscopy
  Abbrev. of Chem. Compounds A Values Acorn NMR (NUTS Software)  
  ACS Citation Guidelines Bond Strengths, More Isotope Distribution Calculator  
  ACS Directory of Graduate Research Chemfinder NIST Chemistry Web Book  
  Chemical Dictionary CRC Handbook NMR Mosaic  
  Chemistry in Comic Books Nomograph NMR Tips and Tricks  
  CHEMnetBASE Org. Chem. Resources Spectral Database  
  ChemSynthesis pKa Tables: Evans (PDF) Reich Spectroscopic Tools  
  E-Molecules Properties of Liquids NMR Spectral Problems  
  Glossary of Archaic Chemical Terms Specific Reagent Workups Organic Structure Elucidation Page  
  IUPAC Compendium Useful Data Tables 31P NMR Chemical Shifts  
  IUPAC Nomenclature (I)  
  IUPAC Nomenclature (II) Chemical Companies Virtual Textbook  
  Journal Titles and Abbreviations Acros Organics - Page 1, Page 2, Page 3  
  Molecules with Silly Names Alfa-Aesar Wikipedia  
  Named Reagents Fisher Scientific  
  Not Voodoo Frontier Scientific  
  Organic Syntheses Gelest  
  Organic Professors Lancaster Synthesis  
  Organometallic Professors Sigma-Aldrich  
  Practice Problems from Harvard Strem Chemicals  
  ProQuest Digital Dissertations TCI America, Inc.  
  Purification of Lab. Chem. VWR  
  Science of Synthesis  
  Slush Baths Safety  
  Synthetic Pages Chemical Incompatibilities  
  TLC Recipes Incompatible Chemicals (PDF)  
  Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry MSDS  
  Organometallic Hypertextbook Safety Letters from C&E News  
  CAS Journal Abbreviations Research Resources  
  Funding Agencies Databases and Search Engines Molecular Weight Calculator  
  National Science Foundation Patents Cambridge Crystallographic Database  
  NSF Mathematical and Physica Web of Knowledge cif file checker  
  NSF Chemistry ISI Web of Science (with Citation Index) Spectral Database of Organic Compound  
  NSF Fastlane US Patent Office Organic Compounds Database  
  National Instititutes of Health European Patent Office NIST Chemistry Webbook  
  Department of Energy Scifinder Scholar (Chem. Abstracts)  

American Chemical Society-
-Petroleum Research Fund

Scirus (scientific search engine)  

  Chemistry Links  
  Journals Named Reactions American Chemical Society  
  Copyediting Marks Cambridgesoft (Merck) ACS Recruitment and Career Website  
  Organic Syntheses HyperTextbook ACS Meetings Page  
  Nature Monomerchem National Meeting Abstract Submission  
  Science Magazine Organic-Chemistry.org
Links for Chemists  
    Uconn Yahoo! Chemistry  
  ACS Journals ChemPen Web Elements--Periodic Table  
  Accounts of Chemical Research  
  Chemical Reviews  
  JACS Chemistry Departments and Research Groups  
  JOC Directory of American Universities  
  Organometallics Directory of Chemistry Academic Sites  
  Inorganic Chemistry Yahoo!-Chemistry Departments  
  Organic Letters U.S. Academic Chemistry and Biochemistry Web Sites  
  ACS Journals Search Organic Research Groups KSU Links  
  Organometallic Research Groups Sturgis Library  
  Wiley-Interscience-VCH Journals Interlibrary Loan  
  Angewandte Chemie NMR Reservations  
  Chemistry--European Journal KSU campus  
  Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis  
  Chemical Communications  
  Chemical Society Reviews  
  European J. Inorg. Chem.  
  European J. Org. Chem  
  Royal Society Journals  
  Dalton Transactions  
  Green Chemistry  
  Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry  




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