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Antonio J. Golubski

I'm a theoretical ecologist. Basically, I use equations and computer simulations to
ask questions like: "When should a given trait be advantageous to an organism?"
or "How should a given biological phenomenon affect the properties of an
ecological community?"

The "Main Research Areas" and "Lab Members" links to the left describe some of
my recent and ongoing projects.  KSU students and faculty who are interested in
ecology & evolution should also check out the green links for info on a couple of
weekly Departmental events.

I got my Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where my
co-advisors were John Lussenhop and Joel Brown. I then completed a two-year
postdoc with Kay Gross and Gary Mittelbach at Michigan State University's
Kellogg Biological Station, another two-year postdoc with Peter Abrams at 
University of Toronto, and a one-year postdoc with Mercedes Pascual at 
University of Michigan.     

                           Contact info:

                                           Antonio J. Golubski
                                      Kennesaw State University
                                    Dept. of Biology and Physics
                                         370 Paulding Ave NW
                                         SC Bldg 12, room 317
                                          Kennesaw, GA 30144

                       email:   agolubsk ~:at:~ kennesaw ~:dot:~ edu

                                        phone:  (470)  578 - 6l83

     photo credits: ant - Steve Jurveston, aphid - Guido Gerding, beetle - Scott Bauer,
     ectomycorrhizae - Randy Molina, pines - Jsanchezd, nitrate & ammonia - Benjah-bmm27

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