Master of Arts in Teaching Science

The program consists of education and science course work and in-school field experiences. The MAT in Secondary Science is standards-based and is fully approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The program is designed to be completed within four semesters for well-qualified students who want accelerated paths into teaching. Participants also have the option of spreading their course work over two or three years. The MAT in Secondary Science leads to initial (T-5) certification in one of three teaching fields: biology (grades 6-12); chemistry (grades 6-12); or physics (grades 6-12).

Admissions Requirements

Individuals interested in the science areas must have a bachelor's degree in chemistry, biology, physics or a related field (such as environmental science, engineering or geology) from an accredited institution. Upon review of a complete application by the MAT Admissions Committee, applicants will either be fully accepted or denied acceptance and encouraged to reapply when certain criteria have been addressed.  If accepted, candidates may be required to enroll in one or more undergraduate prerequisite courses as part of their program of study. All application material must be submitted to the Graduate School via online or at

Office of Graduate Admissions
Kennesaw State University

1000 Chastain Road
BOX #9109
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591

no later than:
    1. February 1st for Summer Admission (Biology, Chemistry and Physics enrolling)
    2. March 1st for Fall Admission (Chemistry and Physics ONLY)
    3. November 1st for Spring Admission (Chemistry and Physics ONLY)

Criteria for Candidacy

Proposed Plan-of-Study*

EDUC 6100: Development, Psychology, and Diversity of the Learner
EDUC 6100L: Practicum I
EDUC 6200: Curriculum, Assessment, and Management
EDUC 6300: Research Methods and Critique
EDUC 6400: Capstone Seminar
SCED 6416: Teaching of Science
SCED 6417: Teaching of Science Practicum
SCED 6475: Science Teaching Practicum II

SCI 7726: Life Science
SCI 7729: Space Science
SCI 7727/8: Earth Science or Physical Science
Graduate Content Course I**
Graduate Content Course II**
Graduate Content Course III**

*The program of study shown above is generic for any candidate in the MAT Science program. Individualized courses of study will be designed for each candidate upon admission to the program, depending on the candidate's background and area of certification sought.

**Content-area courses are graduate-level courses in the subject area (chemistry, biology or physics) in which an MAT student will specialize.

Scholarship/Financial Aid Opportunities

Several scholarship programs are available to assist those pursuing the MAT:

The Robert Noyce Scholars Program in Physics and Chemistry, a partnership of Kennesaw State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology with funding from the National Science Foundation, provides $10,000 per year for up to two years ($20,000 total) for students interested in pursuing science education through KSU's MAT in Science program. For more information, visit:

The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellowship provides five-year fellowships for students with undergraduate or advanced degrees in math, science or engineering who want to become high school teachers. The fellowship supports students while they are in a recognized teacher certification program and in their first years of teaching. The fellowship provides funding, networking and professional development opportunities. For more information visit:

Some teachers who have pending federal student loans may be eligible for loan forgiveness. For more information, visit:

Page last updated: October 2, 2014