Master of Arts in Teaching Science

The program consists of education and science course work and in-school field experiences. The MAT in Secondary Science is standards-based and is fully approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The program is designed to be completed within four semesters for well-qualified students who want accelerated paths into teaching. Participants also have the option of spreading their course work over two or three years. The MAT in Secondary Science leads to initial (T-5) certification in one of three teaching fields: biology (grades 6-12); chemistry (grades 6-12); or physics (grades 6-12).

Admissions Requirements

Individuals interested in the science areas must have a bachelor's degree in chemistry, biology, physics or a related field (such as environmental science, engineering or geology) from an accredited institution. Upon review of a complete application by the MAT Admissions Committee, applicants will either be fully accepted or denied acceptance and encouraged to reapply when certain criteria have been addressed.  If accepted, candidates may be required to enroll in one or more undergraduate prerequisite courses as part of their program of study. All application material must be submitted online to KSU Graduate Admissions.

    1. Summer Admission due February 1st
    2. Spring Admission due November 1st

Criteria for Candidacy

    • Application Materical Checklist (PDF)
    • Online Graduate Application – There is a non-refundable $60 application fee
    • Transcripts – Official transcripts from EACH College and/or University you have attended. Must be in sealed envelope from the institution. 
    • GRE Score Report – Request that your scores be sent to KSU (school code 5359).
      Millers Analogy Test (MAT) – Request official score report be sent directly to KSU.
    • GACE Program Admission Test– Reading, Writing, and Math. Test scores should be sent directly to KSU.
      More info on GACE testing can be found at: 
      You may exempt the GACE Program Admission Test by meeting any of the following: 
          1. ACT: at least 43 (English & Math) 
          2. GRE: at least 297 (Verbal & Quantitative) 
          3. SAT: at least 1000 (Verbal & Quantitative) 
          4. Masters degree from an accredited institution
    • Personal Statement – A 1-2 page personal statement explaining what has led to your decision to become an educator. Can be uploaded into the online application.
    • Complete the Online Background KSU will ONLY accept Background Checks from No other agency reports will be accepted. Once completed, KSU will access the completed report. You do not need to turn in any additional paperwork for this step.
    • Resume - Should document education, any teaching experience, volunteer and service accomplishments, and record of leadership activities.  Can be uploaded into the online application.
    • Two Letters of Recommendation - Can be sent electronically through the online application.
    • Interview - An interview may be required. If so, you will be contacted by the program to set up an interview.
    • Additional requirements for International Students: KSU Graduate International Admissions

Proposed Plan-of-Study*

Professional Sequence (15 hours)
INED 6410:
Giving Students with Exceptionalities Access I (1 hr.)
INED 6411: Giving Students with Exceptionalities Access II (1 hr.)
INED 6412: Giving Students with Exceptionalities Access III (1 hr.)
INED 6421: Linguistically Diverse Students as Learners (1 hr.)
INED 6422: Instruction for Linguistically Diverse Learners (1 hr.)
ITEC 7200: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age (3 hr.)
EDUC 6250: Learning about the Learner (2 hr.)
EDUC 6255: Teaching the Learner (2 hr.)
EDUC 6260: Learners in Context I (1 hr.)
EDUC 6265: Learners in Context II (1 hr.)

Teaching Sequence (15 hours)
Pedagogical Content Knowledge for (Biol, Chem OR Physics) I (2 hr.)
BED/CHED/PHED 6422: Pedagogical Content Knowledge for (Biol, Chem, OR Physics) II (2 hr.)
BED/CHED/PHED 6423: Pedagogical Content Knowledge for (Biol, Chem, OR Physics) III (2 hr.)
BED/CHED/PHED 6650: Yearlong Clinical Experience I (4 hr.)
BED/CHED/PHED 6660: Yearlong Clinical Experience II (5 hr.)

Science Content Courses (6 hours)
Supporting disciplines, discipline-specific, or endorsement, to be determined in consultation with your advisor

Program total: 36 hours (if all pre-requisites are met)

Scholarship/Financial Aid Opportunities

Several scholarship programs are available to assist those pursuing the MAT:

The Robert Noyce Scholars Program in Physics and Chemistry, a partnership of Kennesaw State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology with funding from the National Science Foundation, provides $10,000 per year for up to two years ($20,000 total) for students interested in pursuing science education through KSU's MAT in Science program. For more information, visit:

The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellowship provides five-year fellowships for students with undergraduate or advanced degrees in math, science or engineering who want to become high school teachers. The fellowship supports students while they are in a recognized teacher certification program and in their first years of teaching. The fellowship provides funding, networking and professional development opportunities. For more information visit:

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship at Kennesaw State University will prepare teachers in their specified discipline and provide them with knowledge of teaching English learners, teaching students with exceptionalities and integrating technology into instruction. For more information visit:

Some teachers who have pending federal student loans may be eligible for loan forgiveness. For more information, visit:

Page last updated: April 15, 2015